Motion Design + Creative



Hello. I’m Alex.

I am a story-teller by trade. I couple my technical skill in motion graphics and editing with an important analog craft: timing.

I have a BFA in Photography and Design and for over 10 years I have put these skills into action for companies like Netflix, Audible, Fullscreen and Buddha Jones. I also have deep experience in the field working with brands, comedians, musicians and filmmakers as an independent producer, editor, writer and animator.

I’ve also written and performed comedy for 17+ years. This has directly influenced my visual work in editing and motion graphics, both of which are about telling an engaging story, even if the content is only seconds in length.

My work is the sum of my many varied parts, and I successfully fulfill a vision by drawing from multiple disciplines. Most importantly I love what I do and that is the true engine driving me to create memorable work.





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